Greater Ozarks Bowlers - Covid-19 Update

5/21/2020 12:00pm CST

Our tournament will be returning starting the weekend of JUNE 6-7!

Please note the changes that will be in place over at least the first two weekends of tournament play to best provide safety and remain in compliance with Springfield city ordinances.


Bowlers will be permitted into the bowling centers at their current squad times. A third early shift at Sunshine may be opened to allow for proper social distancing at the Team Event.


Team Event will be bowled at half capacity, with a total of 16 teams per squad and teams will be lined up in pairs of two with a free pair between the next set of bowlers. This will allow for the same lane condition breakdown and still maintain proper social distancing.


Singles and Doubles Event will be bowled at current capacity as we are in a much larger center.


Neither bowling center will be permitting spectators for the first two weekends of the tournament coming back (June 6-7 and June 13-14) but this condition may be removed as restrictions are lifted in the city for future weekends, please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page in the coming weeks for updates.


Masks and other PPE will not be required by bowlers, but are strongly recommended to those who wish to use them. Tournament staff will be wearing masks throughout check-in procedures, and we ask that only one representative from each group approach the check-in desk with all of their group's USBC cards / Photo Identification to limit person-to-person contact between staff and competitors.


At this time, reservations for next year's tournament may be made via phone, email, or Facebook message to the Tournament Director. In-person reservations are currently halted during tournament play.


We ask that any changes be made ahead of bowling times, ideally the Thursday before the weekend of tournament play to give staff adequate time to adjust lineups and verify averages. We understand that emergencies happen, so the sooner you can let us know the smoother the event will go for those who are attending.


We will be reaching out to team representatives affected by these changes to offer options to reschedule, refund, or credit for the 2021 year if they are uncomfortable or do not wish to bowl if spectators cannot be present. These options also extend to all bowlers scheduled through the end of the tournament at this time. We are taking reschedules for the entire month of July, but availability will depend greatly on the feedback from bowling group representatives and squad sizes in relation to requests. If a squad does not have an adequate number of participants, that squad may be moved to another time or weekend at the bowler's discretion.

If your group chooses not to bowl this year, or if there are further questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Stacy Brewer, via email (, phone (417-833-2054), or FB message on the Greater Ozarks Facebook page.

Standings & Scores

2020 Standings

To view the standings follow the link below.  Our staff makes every effort to post the most current standings each Monday.  

                              View Current Standings

Honor Scores 

Check out the honor scores shot at each center during previous Greater Ozark Tournament years and the during the current year's tournament. 

                                   Honor Scores 




Host Centers

Enterprise Park Lanes | Singles & Doubles | 2020 Pattern (Kegel Beaten Path)


Enterprise Park Lanes is a 40 lane center which has a fully-equipped pro shop, full service bar and grill, Keno, and bracket play available.  

Enterprise Park Lanes

Sunshine Lanes | Team | 2020 3D Pattern

Sunshine Lanes is a 32 lane center with AMF Synthetic Lanes, a fully-equipped pro shop, full service bar and grill, Keno, and bracket play available.  

    Sunshine Lanes 

Pro Shops | Greater Ozarks Open Deals

The Pro Shops at Sunshine and Enterprise Park Lanes have great deals and promotions, especially for The Greater Ozarks Open tournament bowlers. Be sure to stop by the shops and check out the latest bowling technologies while bowling the tournament. Learn about our 2020 specials on the Pro Shop page.




All-Female Team Event! There is no charge for this side event, and there will be a $1500 first place prize awarded for the highest-scoring Women's Team in our 2020 year. Please call Stacy at 417-833-2054 with any questions.