2022 Greater Specials

We are currently working with our distributors to bring our Greater Ozarks Tournament bowlers the very best pricing on the latest equipment.  Check back soon for updated prices. 

Kyndall Martin



This is Kyndall's 3rd Greater Ozarks in the Pro Shop, but in no way is this only his 3rd year around the tournament. Since the age of 11 Kyndall has been a Scorekeeper, worked with Lane Maintenance (both oiling the lanes and the back end), and as a desk staff member. Kyndall also brings an extensive bowling background with 1 800 series and 3 300 games. In 2010, he lead his High School bowling team to their first ever state championship. Currently he is attending Missouri State University with hopes of completing a Bachelors in Business Management. When Kyndall isn't spending time at the centers improving his game or helping our guests, he enjoys spending time with his dog, Hogan.  

Keven Williams