Current Standings

2024 Unofficial  Standings
After Week 16

NEW THIS YEAR 📣📢  If you think you'll make more than $600 in the tournament we'll need a completed W9 turned in before we can mail your check. Having this information before we mail out checks will allow you to receive your check faster. You can give us the information whichever way you prefer (call, text, email or mail).

Team  LOW TO CASH 3180
Singles  LOW TO CASH 642
Doubles  LOW TO CASH 1290
All Events Handicap LOW TO CASH 1986
All Events Scratch  LOW TO CASH 1963
6 Game Combine LOW TO CASH 1304
Scratch Team LOW TO CASH 3265
Women's Team LOW TO CASH 3326

Please note that LOW TO CASH numbers are estimates and are not official. 


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