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2022 Offical Results & Cash List

7/25/22 Update: Checks have been placed in the mail. Thank you for your patience as we double checked a few averages for accuracy.  

7/21/22 Update: This afternoon we had a question regarding an average brought to our attention. We've been in contact with the USBC about the average in question and at this time they have recommended hold off mailing checks until early next week.  This is so we can ensure accuracy on standings & payout once the situation is verified.  We appreciate your patience as we work to do one final verification.  If you have any questions the best way to reach us is e-mail, 



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Low to Cash 671

Low to Cash: 1331

Team Event
Low to Cash: 3257

All Events Scratch
Low to Cash:1996

All Events Handicap
Low to Cash: 2047

6 Game Combine
Low to Cash:1356

Scratch Team
Low to Cash: 3289

1st pays $1000
2nd pays $925
3rd pays $750
4th pays $700
5th pays $510 (tie)
7th pays $400
8th pays $375
9th pays $350
10th pays $300
11th pays $250
12th pays $200
13th pays $160 (tie) 
15th pays $130 
16th pays $125
17th pays $115 


Women's Team
Low to Cash: 3275

1st place pays $1500.00